Dont let sedentarism get you down. Stand up for a healthier and longer life.

Professor Greg Whyte from the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences at Liverpool John Moores University has recently (April 2017) taken part in several radio interviews on BBC Radio 2.

He has been promoting ‘Deskercise’, a form of exercise for people to undertake when they are in a mainly sedentary work environment and need to counter the effects of sedentarism.   

Sedentarism – ‘ The habits and routines associated with relatively low levels of activity and movement, leading to health-related problems such as obesity.’

Many ‘deskercise’ routines can be found on the internet and Professor Whyte states that even by standing up for one hour during the day can lengthen life by up to 15%.  A bibliography of Professor Whyte’s work can be found here.

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