What’s it like to be immortal? Well even if human longevity was available tomorrow, and we could all live a few hundred centuries or more, be it through anti-aging medicines or digital avatars, it would take equally as long for an in-depth examination of posthumans to make it into non-fiction literature. Fortunately, some very creative minds out there have built whole worlds and universes in which humans are exploring immortality, either having coming to terms with it or dealing with the effects of it. Here are the Top Ten books in fiction as recommended by nuImmortal. We would love to hear your views of these picks and whether you think something deserves a place in the top ten.

So what did you think? Some pretty awesome reads huh? The order of these are not reflective of their rankings. If I had to choose then Interview with the Vampire and its sequel The Vampire Lestat (not the film version) cover some pretty deep soul searching on the nature of immortality. Whilst drinking blood hopefully doesn’t become a pre-requisite for our own immortality, research into Parabiosis is occuring and along with CRISPR and Stem Cell research, should raise our soul searching questions before drinking from the fountain of youth.

Hopefully weve given you some literary food for thought and if you’re well acquainted with these then please let us know your thoughts and please add your own ratings and reviews.

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