Once you’ve financially secured your Cryonic suspension, perhaps you should think about securing your financial future for when you’re woken up!

nuImmortal recently highlighted a potential snag in your Cryonic reanimation; that is, what if your little financial nest egg was worthless due to the collapse of your bank, currency etc. There’s some chance that your family may have a granny flat set up for you but this is by no means a guarantee. Even if your descendants are themselves kicking around in a few hundred years, they may not be able to, or too keen on, support a relative stranger (no pun intended).

So we brainstormed some solutions that would see you through on the other side of your long sleep…


Digital Illustration of Gold Bullions

Gold Bullion – Hoarding a few bricks of these will help build your financial future

Gold… having a few nuggets/bars of these laying around would be a safe bet. Gold has been mankind’s financial bedrock for aeons, not just for its trading value, but almost the genetic avarice that us humans place in it. We’re talking actual gold bullion here as your statement/digital record of shares may not stand the test of time.

Antiques, art works and collectibles. It’s likely that if you’ve managed to splash out on a cryonic pod and subsequent medical bills to cure you of your ailment (including old age/death), then you may have some capital to burn as well. Therefore, why not invest in some priceless works of art that can be traded in for a comfortable future. Obviously relying on some well drawn pictures to provide for your re-lifed future poses some issues, not least that you’ll need a secure vault to protect these assets. Plus, your chosen investments may not stand up to the test of time or whatever will pass as an art critic in the future. The value of antiques and collectibles are less reliant on an art critic’s critique and therefore some well preserved coins, china etc could likely have some real value in the far flung future… just don’t get emotionally attached to them!


Its good to own land!

Its good to own land!

“Its good to have land” one of the better truisms out there. Having some real estate to your name is potentially a sound investment for the future. Not only will you have a roof over your future head (hopefully attached to a new body if you’ve only paid for the cranial cryonic suspension package), but also a lucrative tradeable investment. By all predictions, and barring any mass extinction event be it asteroid or nuclear war; the world’s population will continue to grow which will in-turn will push up the price of land. Before you start staking your claims on some prime beachfront property, pay some mind to climate change and rising sea-levels which may see your assets sink leaving you high and dry!



…That said, if you were looking to invest in shares long term (assuming that when you wake up 300 years later to read the Financial Times equivalent, you’re not living in a utopian Star Trek/Zeitgeist society and money is still as it is today). Here’s nuImmortal’s Top Ten companies to buy shares in.

Google (Alphabet Inc)




Johnson and Johnson




Prudential Finance


Excepting Google, these companies also pay significant dividends so significant investment will, over time, reap significant rewards.

Alternatively, if you only have a limited amount to invest to create your portfolio then perhaps you should look to put a stake of your financial future into a mutual fund that will spread your investment over a number of companies and will buy/sell in attempt to capitalise on the market. Unlike a fixed purchase in one or two companies, a mutual fund will have an independent entity manage your portfolio which is better than leaving your portfolio to the whims of chance.

What if Star Trek’s moneyless future does prove true? Then no worries! In a society where your every need can be replicated and no-one wants for anything, then your future is looking rosy indeed and there’s one less thing to worry about!


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