Not quite, but Jeff Bezos, the man behind the global tech giant, along with other investors, has invested an as yet, unknown  sum of money into UNITY Biotechnology who announced an influx of cash to the tune of USD116 million.

This isn’t Jeff’s first investment in immortality. In June 16, he announced his intent to ensure that his legacy would live on for quite literally, time everlasting; with the USD42 million development of a clock that would last for 10,000 years.

With this latest venture with UNITY, Jeff, renowned for outlandish investments, joins the pantheon of Tech Billionaires who have invested in companies researching longevity.

UNITY’s focus is geared towards the selective elimination of senescent cells, the body’s emergency brake to cellular division. Whilst an important process in the prevention of tumour development, once used, senescent cells remain in the body and over time, an accumulation of these cells secrete harmful inflammatory molecules which afflict otherwise healthy cells.

Let’s just hope that we won’t have to subscribe to Amazon Prime to benefit from any research!




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