TED interview – Martine Rothblatt on extending her daughter’s life, modifying the pig genome and digitally uploading personality traits

TED interviews Martine Rothblatt, the entrepreneur behind Sirius radio and self-taught medical expert who, in a quest to save her daughter’s life from a rare lung disease – pulmonary arterial hypertension – went up against Glaxo Wellcome and through sheer tenacity extracted from them, the patent for a small bag of powder that had only been tested on rats, but held the promise of saving her daughter’s life.

Buoyed by the success of saving her daughter (sat with her) and the USD1.5 billion annual turnover from her company, United Therapeutics, that now markets the drug, Martine has teamed up with Craig Venter, the decoder of the human genome to genetically modify the pig genome so that pig organs will not be rejected by the human body (though there’s no mention of combating retroviruses).

The last part of the interview shows how far Martine is looking into the future of immortality as she describes the other guest in the future, Bina 48, a robot pioneering the work Martine has been doing in transferring the human mind into the digital space.

An amazingly dedicated and inspiring woman, this TED interview is one to watch for some much needed enthusiasm. With people like this searching for immortality, our continued future is in safe hands.

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