Keep it young! Is Peter Thiel a modern day vampire on a hunt for the key to immortality? At the heart of the tabloid journalism lays an element of truth

Age-Defying technologies

Entrepreneur, Tech Investor and cofounder of PayPal, Peter Thiel’s quest for immortality has rekindled interest in Parabiosis as method of prolonging life. Based on research conducted in the late 1970’s (its roots actually go as far back as the 1800’s) it was discovered that the transfusion of blood from a younger mouse to that of an older one appeared to have a rejuvenating effect on the target’s blood which in turn promoted general health.

Although as always, there is a healthy mix of scientific scepticism, with some scientists claiming to disprove the theory, that hasn’t stopped Ambrosia LLC from pushing ahead with clinical trials for studying the effects of transfusions from healthy donors aged 16-25. If you’re anywhere near Monterey, CA at the time of this article you can even enroll ( As part of the trial, blood from these young donors is injected into people aged over 35 to see how the blood reacted with their body to prevent the signs of aging. Does it work? Previous research aside, at the time of this article, Ambrosia’s website has not yet posted any results though a placeholder claims the company’s transparency to do so. nuImmortal will be keeping a keen eye out and will provide you with any updates.

Has Peter tried it yet?

Ambrosia’s trials were enough to get the attention of Peter and rumours abound that he, (through his personal doctor) has tried injecting himself. Some will quote that he has whilst others claim that in his own words he hasn’t “quite, quite, quite started it yet”. Whether we’ll hear about it or not is for another day. And if it doesn’t work, Peter has a backup plan in the form of a berth at ALCOR cryonics lab until something better comes along.

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